Property Rentals

Grateful Bay Property Services not only takes care of our clients’ homes, we also maintain and rent our own properties. We pay great attention to detail with the hopes of providing our tenants a home they can be proud of.

Our Promise

At Grateful Bay Property Services, we aren’t your average renters. Maximizing profit is not our highest priority… your quality of life is!

We purchase unique and desirable properties and then remodel the units as if we were going to live there ourselves. We want our tenants to have a home they want to spend time at, rather than a place they can’t wait to leave.

Our Offerings

We offer one, two, and three-bedroom units throughout New Hampshire. Most are strategically located to downtown, with many local attractions within walking distance.

All of our units include dedicated parking spaces and private entrances. Some of our units also include an attached garage.

Our Process

Remodeling includes updated cabinetry, custom countertops, and modern appliances. The main living areas are refurbished with hypoallergenic flooring such as hardwood or plank vinyl to allow for a healthier living environment.

We maintain and manage our properties, meaning you will always have direct contact with the property owner.

Find Your New Home With Grateful Bay

At Grateful Bay, we understand the importance of personal relationships, especially when searching for a home. While an exciting endeavor, this can also be a stressful time and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Rest assured that all of our available properties have been properly and thoroughly inspected. Visit our Home Inspections page to read more about the process and scope behind our inspections.

Our properties are meticulously maintained and we strive for modern functionality in all of our units. By continually updating our properties, we provide a comfortable, safe and efficient unit for all tenants. In the case of needing a fix, we field all the maintenance calls ourselves to provide timely assistance and get your unit back to working order. In return, our renters seem to genuinely appreciate their living space… which is our ultimate goal!

We appreciate you considering one of our rentals and are committed to providing you with a place you’ll be proud to call home. Reach out to us for current openings and availability!

Properties for Rent

See a preview of some of the properties that we offer in the NH Seacoast region and surrounding areas. Give us a call today for current openings!

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